The following is an overview of the organisations and companies that Haltec Enterprises' Director - Ross Halgren has worked for or consulted to over extended periods and the associated technologies, products and systems involved.

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Kordia Solutions is the Australian arm of Kordia New Zealand, being itself a New Zealand Government owned business enterprise. Kordia Solutions is one of Australia’s largest Telecommunications Systems Integration service delivery organisations, specialised in designing, building and operating large telecommunications systems for carriers, utilities and enterprises.

Prior to joining Kordia's Broadband Solutions business unit, Ross provided consulting support to Kordia under Haltec Enterprises Pty Ltd. Consulting projects included for example:
- Preparing wireless access, backhaul, optical core networking and National Broadband Network (NBN) capability statements for RFP submissions;
- Undertaking a detailed design review for a Tier-1 carrier of their Core DWDM, SDH & Ethernet Transport networks and associated Signalling systems. The objective of the design review was to verify to their key customers that their core network design was world class and robust with no single points of failure. The design review process involved: reviewing their core network documentation; sample tracing of their provisioning systems; reviewing exchange equipment and cabling diagrams; and visiting sample exchange sites to confirm appropriate separation between east/west cable entry points and east/west cable routes within the exchange to confirm that they don't terminate on the same line card.

NBN DWDM Transit Networks
Biarri High level Designs (c/- Biarri Website)
FTTP Detailed Design ( Google Earth kml overlay)

After joining Kordia Broadband Solutions in November 2010, Ross was seconded into NBNCo with another Kordia contractor to undertake the initial planning & design of their National & Regional DWDM Transit Networks using the latest NSN (now Coriant) 40/100 Gbit/s Coherent DWDM Platform. After 9 months, the resultant high level designs and design processes were handed over to NBNCo's newly recruited Transit Network Team who subsequently undertook the detailed Transit Network designs.

In between various Kordia projects, Ross and other Kordia team members were on several occasions, sent back into NBNCo to undertake various NBN projects, including:
- Undertaking high level GPON FTTP access network designs, using the Biarri fibre-network simulation and high level design software;
- Reviewing NBNCo's detailed FTTP design processes;

- Auditing the field scoping data and detailed designs of NBNCo's FTTP service delivery partners to identify the top 5 causes of over remediation and excessive augmentation.

In 2013, Kordia's Broadband Solutions team was sub-contracted by Downer-EDI to provide in-field GNAF and Pit verification and Detailed FTTP Design services for several Fibre Serving Area Modules (FSAMs) in NSW. For this project, Ross managed Kordia's NBN QA team to assess and report back to the Kordia & Downer field teams on the quality of the GNAF data, Pit & Duct remediation and augmentation data and to then compile the corrected data before uploading it into NBNCo's SpatialNet design and asset management platform.

Between secondments into NBNCo, Ross investigated for Kordia Solutions Australia, a number of NBN design process improvements, infra-structure change processes and new business opportunities. These included for example:

- Developed a comprehensive process for undertaking High Level FTTP Designs and producing associated Network Design Documents (NDDs) for NBNCo;

- Prepared streamlined beginning-to-end NBN FTTP processes that removed duplication and delays associated with the serial NDD and Detailed Design (DD) processes;

- Developed an engineering and business implementation process in response to a corporate proposal to establish "Centres of Engineering Excellence" and an "Innovation Framework" to enable Kordia to grow to the size of company that it aspired to;

- Investigated the practicalities, suppliers intellectual property portfolios and business opportunities associated with the installation of optical fibre networks in sewerage systems;

- Managed a Kordia engineering team to undertake an independent audit of a Tier-1 carrier's MPLS core network and associated access networks for a high profile client;

- Investigated opportunities for Kordia within the New Zealand Ultra-Fast-Broadband (UFB) initiative which as an aside, is led by Graham Mitchell who is the CEO of Crown Fibre Holdings and was the CEO of Redfern Broadband Networks (RBN) for the last 3 years of its evolution and final sale to Sorrento Networks in the USA.

- Reviewed on-site in Brisbane, the field scoping and design processes for Kordia's contract to design Fibre to the MDU networks for Telstra's South Brisbane Exchange relocation project;

- Reviewed the NBN design requirements and deployment issues for Public Interest Premises (PIPs) such as hospitals, aged-care facilities and universities;

- Prepared product collatoral and presentations for the Kordia field-Scoping Tool (KST) which was an IT product for Tablets developed by Kordia Solutions for the NBN, other Carriers and Utilities;

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