These LED Lighting Products have been discontinued and are no longer sold, supported or warranted by Haltec Enterprises Pty Ltd (Australia).

The following information and related web pages (Products, Applications, Technology, Warranty, Support, Sales & Contact) are retained for historical purposes and as technical support for previous customers.


Intelligent LED Lighting Business Unit Overview

Haltec Enterprises Pty Ltd was formed in 1998 to capitalise on the burgeoning Photonics market. There are many dimensions to this market including the application of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Semiconductor Lasers for communications, medicine, industry and lighting. Between 1998 and 2008, Haltec Enterprises focused on the communications segment of the Photonics market. In 2009, Haltec Enterprises broadened the scope of its business activities to include Intelligent LED Lighting systems.

In 12 years, LED Lighting has evolved to become common place in many facets of our lives, including: torches, bike lights, christmas lights and displays. Haltec Enterprises is now taking LED Lighting to the next level by introducing "Intelligent" Multipurpose LED Lighting systems for home, vehicle, camping, boating and small office applications. What differentiates new generation Intelligent LED Lighting systems from traditional LED Lighting products is their ability to sense and react to changes in their surrounding environment.

LED Lighting Products Designed for the Australian Market

Haltec Enterprises has specified and designed its LED Lighting Products to be the most flexible, Multi-purpose LED Lighting Systems available for the Australian market. On-going product improvements are implemented to keep ahead of cheap alternative LED Lighting products as they appear on the market. Haltec Enterpises LED Lighting products are specified and tested by independant Australian test laboratories to meet Australian regulatory, safety and Australia Post airmail delivery standards. As an additional product differentiator, all Haltec Enterprises LED Lighting products are tested in Sydney Australia before final delivery to customers.

Haltec Enterprises "Multipurpose" LED Lighting Products have the benefit that they can be used 24/7 all year round, thus maximising your value for money. This is achieved by adding "intelligence" to traditional LED Work Lights, Camping and Boating Lights so that they can also be used as Portable Emergency Lights when they are not being used for the other applications. Multipurpose LED Lights have the benefit that as an Emergency Light, they are normally on-charge in readiness for a power blackout and thus are always charged and ready to be used as a Work Light, Camping Light or Boating Light.

The following are some examples of LED Lighting product improvements that Haltec Enterprises has included to meet Australian requirements:

- For safety reasons, Haltec Enterprises has eliminated direct 240VAC powering and has eliminated cheap, non Australian-standard 240VAC power cords. Customers don't want flimsy 240VAC power cables running up walls or over any distance to a LED Light. Haltec Enterprises rechargeable LED Lights are all powered via an external 240VAC to 12VDC Voltage Adapter which plugs directly into a mains power socket and has approx. 3 metres (in total) of safe, extra low voltage cabling to the LED Light. Such low voltage operation is essential so that the LED Lighting products can be used by children. The Voltage Adapter may cost a little more, but then most Australians would not compromise the safety of their family members to save a few dollars.

- Since these are Portable Multipurpose LED Lights, it is inappropriate for them to be fitted with Lead-Acid batteries, and yet just about every Portable LED Lighting product that is sold in Australia as an Emergency Light includes Lead-Acid batteries. Worse still, some of these products have the Lead-Acid batteries wired in parallel with no short-circuit protection. This is potentially dangerous due to the risk of explosion and fire and such products are prohibited for carriage by ICAO and Australia Post. Haltec Enterpises rechargeable LED Lighting products on the other hand are all powered using standard NiMH rechargeable AA 1.2V batteries which are connected in series, not parallel. Another Multi-purpose product benefit of this design is that the Haltec Enterprises 24-LED Light and newer versions of the 30-LED Light (as supplied with the LED Safety Lighting Box sets is now a source of fully charged AA batteries which can be used in an emergency to take that most important holiday snap when your camera batteries have just died. Additionally, the 24-LED Light and the newer 30-LED Lights can be used in an emergency to recharge other AA 1.2V rechargeable batteries of a similar current rating for your camera or other portable device.

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Gift Boxes of LED Lighting Products

Haltec Enterprises Multipurpose LED Lighting Products are sold individually under the product name "LED Emergency Lights" and in pairs under the Box-Set product names "LED Safety Candles" and "LED Safety Lighting". These Gift Boxes are ideal for Birthdays and Christmas - especially for those family members who seem to have everything and are hard to buy for.

Your elderly family members and friends in particular are vulnerable during a power blackout if they are unable to get to and activate an alternative source of lighting due to a disability or they may trip in the dark and injure themselves while trying to get to an alternative source of lighting. In Australia, power blackouts often occur due to: lighting strikes during thunder storms; violent wind storms; tripping of power systems during bush fires; over-loading of house-hold circuit-breakers or blown fuses; and local maintenance and failure of power distribution systems.

Both the elderly and the young are vulnerable if the only backup source of lighting that they have available during a power blackout are wax candles. Research statistics* have shown that accidental candle fires account for approximately 4% of residential fires. Yet candles are often the first form of backup lighting used by residents in the event of a blackout due to thunder storms, bush fires and other electrical power failures.

Haltec Enterprises Multipurpose LED Lighting Products offer greater safety and protection to your loved ones through their intelligent sensing of an electrical mains power failure and automatically turning-on the LED Lights, providing sufficient illumination to light up a small room with many hours of continuous operation.

For further information on Haltec Enterprises Multipurpose LED Lighting Products, please click on the above section headings - Products, Applications and Technology. Once you are convinced that you and your loved ones would benefit from an intelligent LED Lighting system from Haltec Enterprises, please go to the Sales section to place an order on-line or to find a local market at which Haltec Enterprises will be promoting and selling its Multipurpose LED Lighting Products.

* Source: Home Candle Fires, Fire Analysis and Research Division, US National Fire Protection Association, September 2007 (Based on 2002-2005 annual averages).

Australian Standards Compliance

Haltec Enterprises Pty Ltd only supplies products which meet Australian Standards for Electrical Safety, Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Energy Efficiency (MEPS-IV rated - refer National DCCEE Equipment Energy Efficiency Registration #53250 NPS1893). Haltec Enterprises LED Lights are each labelled with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) approved Supplier Code and C-Tick mark as shown below. For example, to be able to apply the C-Tick mark, each LED Lighting system comprising both the LED Lights, Rechargeable AA batteries and 240VAC to 12VDC Voltage Adapters has been tested in Australia by a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited test laboratory to comply with the AS/NZS CISPR 15:2006 EMC Standard for Electrical Lighting Equipment.

Australian Quality Assurance

Haltec Enterprises Pty Ltd aims to supply quality products to its customers based on International and Australian quality assurance practices. To this end, Haltec Enterprises Australian staff test the LED Lighting products prior to final packing and delivery. LED Lighting Products that have passed the Haltec Enteprises test specifications have the Haltec Enterprised Quality Mark affixed to both the products and associated packaging. All LED Lighting products are tested and supplied with a unique Serial Number (SN) printed on the Tax Invoice and Warranty. For future reference, product test results are stored for each Serial Number on the Haltec Enterprises server. Through this quality assurance process, Haltec Enterprises aims to maintain and improve the quality of its products.

Haltec Enterprises Quality Mark

Green Engineering

"Green Engineering" is Haltec Enterprises preferred term for technologies, products and packaging that have been designed to be environmentally friendly. LED Lighting systems in general are environmentally friendly. Haltec Enterprises have gone a step further by providing an energy efficient, low carbon footprint product using an Australian MEPS-IV rated power supply design, typically 50% of rated charging current and extremely low power consumption LED Lights - both on standby and during full illumination conditions. Haltec Enterprises LED Lighting Products offer additional reductions in carbon footprint by substituting for petroleum based candles such as paraffin wax candles. Haltec Enterprises packaging is made from paper and paper pulp based materials and is designed to be reuseable as well as recyclable.

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